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So you are looking to get your website ranked for keyword phrases based on your products and services, what next?

Well first you might want to decide on which keyword phrases to use. How do you do that? What I find useful as a guide is the Keyword Planner tool in Google AdWords. You can search approximate search traffic for a given phrase like ‘SEO Expert Gold Coast’. If you choose to run an AdWords campaign it will even give you an Approx bid cost per click.

What’s important is that the number is never exact. My experience has shown though is hat you can use the trend data as a guide so for example if the tool shows that there is 1,000 searches per month for one keyword phrase and 100 searches per month for another, you know that there is 10 times less traffic for the second phrase.

Many seperate studies have shown that the top spot in Google will get approximately 1/3 of the total search traffic and again I use this as a trend guide only. If 5 keyword phrases show that there is 2,000 visitors per month for phrases such as ‘SEO Expert Gold Coast’ and ‘SEO Gold Company Coast’ then you could expect roughly 1/3 of that as traffic to your website to be in the top spot or 660 visitors per month to your website.

What does this mean in terms of enquiries through your website? Well surprisingly most websites convert to Enquiry at approximately 2-4% so if you got 660 visitors as 3% converting to an Enquiry that would give you 19.8 enquiries. Let’s round it down to 19.

You could even take it a couple of steps further and say 19 Enquiry against your current sales conversion rate. I know my experience is usually 2-3 out of 10 at worst. Now imagine that the value of a sale is $200 that would mean:

2,000 Searches

660 Visitors

19 Enquiries

4 Sales (19.8 * 20%)

$200 * 4 Sales = $800 per month

The above, although very rough allows you to calculate the value of those keywords. Now if you were then to run an AdWords campaign and pay $1 per click for the above traffic that would mean that $800 worth of traffic per month would cost you $660.

You can do the same with SEO. If your SEO company were to charge you $500 per month for those keywords per month and it took them 4 months say to get you to the top that would mean that it cost you $2000 to get to $800 worth of new business per month and if they then broke out in to a broader set of keywords then it would not take too long for that campaign to be well worth it for a business. Ultimately this is the type of calculation that I as an SEO Expert Gold Coast. This way it becomes more of a numbers game rather than a capabilities discussion which is what it should be.

If you have read all the way through this and had any further questions feel free to send me an email at or send me a text/call me on the mobile on 0414461163 to discuss.