If you aren’t at the top of Google YOU DON”T EXIST!

So you’ve build a website, got the brand message clear, made sure that your website showcases your products and services and it easy to navigate and make an enquiry, send a message. What next?

How are you going to market it out there so that people know about it? Newspaper? Radio? TV? Do they still even work?

The issue with a website is that it isn’t sitting in a shopfront and even if your company has a shopfront you’ll either be getting no walk by traffic or you are paying a fortune for the privilege.

So the question again is, what next? What you need is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short.

What is SEO? It’s ensuring all of the things that Google is looking for are present on your website and then it’s the advertising of your website out there for Google to find you more and more. Once this happens you start to move to the top of Google for your chosen keyword phrases.

What do we mean by ‘chosen keyword phrases’? Well take for example a couple of new blog posts that I have made in the past 2 weeks. They aren’t at the very top of Google because they are relatively new (or at least weren’t at the time of writing this 24/05/2018 7.49am).

The first example is a bit of fun to show the real truth in Google. Type in ‘the smartest man in Australia’. Our website is sitting up there for this phrase. Why is this valuable? Imagine if this were a buying phrase like ‘lawyer gold coast’ and imagine that you got 100 clicks for that keyword phrase. Your website if it had the right content would surely convert to an enquiry at say 5-10% of the time. This would mean a total of 5-10 enquiries for ‘lawyer gold coast’. Starting to see how valuable things are now?

If you want to know more about SEO or have a website that you want to get ranked, email me at cbindley@hotmail.com and I will happily look at any website for you.

Have a great day.