Reasons to Use Google My Business to Power Your SEO Strategy

Google My Business is a service catering to smaller, local businesses, designed for the management of your Google presence. From this single best interface, one can now control their Google Search presence by regularly updating the business information across multiple platforms simultaneously. Beyond the obvious saving of our time, Google’s My Business portal holds more promising potential for all the local businesses around the world.

Let us look at some of the reasons why Google My Business is considered the best tool to strengthen your SEO strategy in your business


Yep, that’s right, it’s GMB and it is completely FREE. Launched in the year 2014 Google My Business services have to date no paid upgrades or premium listings, you just need to create your account, describe your business elements, verify you’re the business owner, agree to all the necessary guidelines specified by Google and you’re ready to go.

2. Increase Your Visibility & Improve Your Rankings

With Google My Business (GMB) though, you can efficiently show up as the first business for your area in the local maps with a well-optimized profile, including images, opening hours, etc. this, in a simple way, means that more customers that are interested in your niche will see your company online and should then increase your website traffic hence improving your rankings by calling and walking depending on the type of business you have.

3. Your Own Professional Online Portfolio

One key feature that many businesses will find valuable is the fact that their customers can also add photos of your business as well, which is especially useful for many photography, fashion, tourism, and events-based businesses. This gives you the edge over the multitudes of businesses in your area to really showcase your business online with product images, interior images, or even images of your team that are hard at work.

Your GMB listing act as your professional online image portfolio, letting you add a seemingly unlimited amount of images to your profile, including of course adding your company logo and cover images, here you can also tag each of your photos by location, such as interior, exterior, at work, identity team, and even add quality videos to your profile.

4. Keep Your Online Presence on Top with GMB Analytics Tool

Any successful strategy needs four components: goal-setting, implementation, analysis, and improvement. Google My Business Analytics feature addresses the analysis portion of this equation for SEO marketers.

Google My Business Analytics tools are the best tracking options available for your business. It helps you understand how your Business powered by SEO strategy is paying off. You can learn what’s marketing tactic is working and what’s not. Afterward, you move on to the refinement portion of the strategy, tweaking your SEO marketing efforts to boost your results in the business and improve ROI.

This feature of GMB lets you keep track of your profile interactions and readily provides you with the data such as:

  • The users who have viewed or clicked on your profile
  • How many website clicks were there through the business link you provided.
  • Messages / Call Metrics
  • Summary of all the interactions

5. Easily Add PPC To Your Other Marketing Efforts.

AdWords Express (now Smart Campaigns) integrated with Google My Business, you can implement PPC campaigns that compliment your other marketing efforts all with a complete overview of your current Google presence so that you can more closely integrate your marketing initiatives and achieve your goals.

These were the top few reasons why you should use Google My Business to strengthen your SEO marketing strategy and optimize your presence in the local search.