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How to Improve Website SEO Performance in 2018

Improving your internet experience and particularly google which is without a doubt the biggest and best information and service provider on the net can be a challenge. Whether you love, hate or just tolerate it, google for now is the beast you have to master or at least tame to get the best from your website and e-commerce activities on the internet.

I consistently find that by not keep on top of the changes and new developments in SEO, my internet business suffers from dropping sales and visitors. This is because the internet is constantly evolving and growing with over 3.5 billion Google searches each day and a million new users.

To have a successful and effective internet business in 2018 it is imperative to have a mobile-responsive website as over 55% of all internet traffic is now done on mobiles and smartphones and the popularity of these devices is growing.

Link building, which is probably the most important and the most difficult SEO strategy to perform successfully is also extremely important, right up there with “Engaging and Informative, Quality Content” because nonspecific or poorly written content just drives people away from your site which can devastate your search ranking because of your high bounce rate.

The most important things to concentrate on for improved or optimum SEO performance in 2018 are:

• Use only high quality, in-depth, relevant, content on your site for the search engines to discover as they usually equate thoroughness and quality with authoritativeness
• Ensuring your Website is totally mobile-responsive
• Provide quality relevant links and backlinks (search engines love quality links)
• Improve your internet security (search engines are geared towards sites that are more secure)
• Find the right relevant keywords to us as the more information you provide, the easier it is for search engines and users to find your site. The more visitors or higher, your click-through rate, the better your search rankings
• Keyword competitiveness and demand balance is important. Often people search with long queries for detailed information and short queries for general information
• Use keywords carefully and thoughtfully, search engine optimization is about improving the users experience so do not stuff your content
• Google provides many apps free to use to maximize and make SEO easier such as “Google Adwords Keyword Planner”and the “Google Search Console” for all things SEO and Google Analytics
• Track your Data, without tracking you will not know how effective your SEO efforts are
• Optimize all your images and include location tags as these help to draw users’ attention and interest, especially with the new voice search options
Having optimum SEO performance in 2018 is a matter of convincing the search engines your site is good enough to rate at the top. Forget any of the spammy type tactics of the past, they will pull you down. Concentrate on high quality contextual and relevant in-depth content and links from and to, high-quality sites as search engines can use these to rank your overall worthiness for SEO

The Power of SEO | SEO Expert Gold Coast

The Power of SEO | by SEO Expert Gold Coast

S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimisation is about getting your information to the right people quickly and efficiently. This can only be done if your website is visible and easily discovered by search engines using the right keywords and phrases. Unfortunately, S.E.O is not understood by many people; even people who have been involved with internet marketing for a long time. SEO is not only the most important part of your internet business to get right, without it being done properly, you will find it difficult to find customers or web traffic and so your business will not grow.

The old saying knowledge is power is very true and it is becoming more so every day, with an estimated 4 billion plus people around the world now using the internet, that’s over half the world’s population for your potential customers.

The highest growth rate for new internet users is Africa, India and China, these countries are hungry for information and products. The worldwide number of people who regularly use e-commerce sites to buy consumer type goods such as clothes and fashion, electronics, homeware, appliances and toys is growing by 8 to 10 percent per year, that’s over 1.8 billion people buying online each year.

“GlobalWebIndex” has released new data showing that the average user spends about 6 hours a day on the internet. Every second, Google processes 40,000 search queries, that’s 3.5 billion a day or 1.2 trillion a year and growing, every day there are over a million new users going online. Making the internet the main source of information for over half the world’s population, whether at school, home, work or play.

Information has never before been so cheap and easy to access from anywhere at any time for everyone. With the huge amount of information on the internet, it is often difficult to quickly and efficiently find specific information and without S.E.O. it would be almost impossible.

S.E.O is all about making your site and information visible and at the top so google search engines will find your site as soon as someone places your keywords in their browser. It is vital to your success to ensure your site remains easy to find by internet search engines. Because the nature of the internet, always growing, adapting, developing and changing, many of the things what worked for you last year or even last month may no longer be effective and may even be detrimental.

The potential market for all types of goods and services is incredible, but the only way to access and take advantage of this huge potential market is by making sure your website is user friendly and Search Engine Optimisation.