Why do I need to pay an SEO Company?

Why do I need to pay an SEO Company? The answer is that you don’t.

I had an epiphany on the weekend whilst I was painting my house in readiness to list it for sale. You see, similar to the question above, I thought, why do I have to pay someone to paint my house? Especially when you can simply go to the Hardware shop and buy all of the paint, paint pushes, prep gear and do it yourself.

I actually enjoy painting, I never used to. I have owned my house for about 14 years now and this is the 3rd time I have painted the interior and to be fair I think that I have gotten better every time. Better with research, pricing, preparation, quality of actual painting, time it took and the clean up afterwards. But man my body is sore today. I mean, I’m a pretty fit person, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and work most of my body in doing so but I am still pretty stiff, using muscles in a way that I don’t normally do.

I think the trade off though is that for me, my weekends are pretty valuable for downtime and today, although I had a good time painting, I felt like I didn’t really get a break mentally (nor physically). See I work at the ‘conscious competence’ level. I have the ability but I still need to think about what i am doing and I really have to work hard for the same sort of result that someone that does this stuff all day everyday takes for granted. Not to mention how much more of it they get done.

This is sort of where I had the epiphany. You see, ultimately I chose to do it myself and I would do it again, not for the results but the enjoyment. The question is the same with SEO. DO you or someone you have in your organisation enjoy SEO? Do you enjoy ensuring that all factors within the site are as ‘Search Engine friendly’ as they can be? Are you up to date with the latest trends? When I painted the house I spent the time doing the research to ensure that what I was doing was in line with the modern colours and styles. With SEO, it isn’t even just a style thing, if you are doing something that is outdated it can actually harm your website’s rankings.

The other thing I thought about was the amount of time it took me. I bet if a pro did it they would have done the same amount of work smarter and faster not to mention all of the other things that I could of been doing if I didn’t have to paint. Again it’s the same with your business. Enjoying SEO is one thing, what about all of the other things you could be doing instead? It is a simple value versus output metric. What is your time worth versus the return you would get if you paid a company to do it instead? Not to mention what the results might be?

Like I said earlier, I would still do the painting myself and ultimately you might still choose to do SEO yourself but in the end form a business perspective you simply need to look at it from an ROI perspective. What will give you the greater return?


What does good SEO look like?

Are you wondering what an SEO company should be doing for you? Many people often ask me this question:

A good SEO company should not only focus on content, but also help with:

  • Duplicate Content – Checking for multiple versions of the same page or other duplicated content.
  • Check for issues that could potentially render content invisible to search engines.
  • Check that your website server settings are correct.
  • Integrate with social media, content, creative, user experience,paid search, or analytics.
  • Find ways to speed up your site.An SEO expert not only understands the searcher, but the competitive landscape as well. It isn’t enough to just understand the user’s task, search marketers need to understand what other options are in the marketplace, and how they can fill the gap to provide a better solution for the user’s task.

    We’ve come a long way from keywords on pages to full-service marketing. SEO pros get to wear multiple hats as they help connect development, information architecture, user experience, content strategy, marketing, social, and paid media teams. It’s a game of give and take – all in an attempt to create something that works for search engines and users.

    There are plenty of cautionary tales about things as simple sounding as a site redesign or new CMS system causing a site’s traffic to drop or disappear leaving businesses scrambling. The simple fact of the matter is, most website changes these days affect SEO – and only by including SEO up front and throughout the project can a business hope to see positive results.

Crazy Organic Search Traffic Statistics

Ever wondered whether it is worthwhile using Google as your key marketing tool? Have a look below and decide for yourself:

Organic Traffic Statistics

  • 32.5 percent: The average traffic share the first Google organic search result gets. (Chitika)
  • 91.5 percent: The average traffic share generated by the sites listed on the first Google search results page. (Chitika)
  • 1,890 words: The average content length of a Google first page result. (Backlinko)
  • 51 percent of all website traffic comes from organic search, 10 percent from paid search, 5 percent for social, and 34 percent from all other sources. (BrightEdge)
  • Over 40 percent of revenue is captured by organic traffic. (BrightEdge)
  • 73 billion: The estimated number of phone calls that will be generated from mobile search alone by the end of 2018. (Acquisio)
  • 8.5: The average number of organic mobile search results that Google shows on page 1. It previously consisted of 10 “blue links” in its search results. (SearchMetrics)
  • 8.59: The average number of organic desktop search results that Google shows on page 1. (SearchMetrics)

Backlinks are queen

I said in a previous post that content is king. That the most valuable thing that you can go for the user and in turn the Search Engines is to write quality content. This is and has always been the most important thing that you can do because the entire purpose of a website is to impart knowledge. The thing is though, how will a Search Engine find you if you aren’t linked to from another website? A Search Engine as complex as it is, really is just a computer program that is designed to crawl and index links then read the content on that page, store it locally in it’s memory and spit out a result to the user when they search for a topic.

I always give the analogy of a side street that no one knows about with no walk by traffic. If there is no walk by traffic then your website is going to get found. In essence the entire website is a bunch of side streets. Without links to other websites, no website would be visible in fact, this is the whole basis of the internet. Join a whole bunch of computers up with shared resources (information) and hey presto you have the ‘World Wide Web’.

So coming back to backlinks, how is this relevant to SEO? Well, if you don’t have a strategy around building quality links or you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself then you will need to engage an SEO company.

I get most of my work through referral because understanding what SEO is sometimes is challenging but if you understand it, understand also that it is not easy and it takes time. I for example am not handy when it comes to home handy things. Just recently I made a decision to get some help around the house from someone that I knew had the expertise and tools in this area. Now I could have spent the time, learned what to do and bought the tools or, I could employ help that does this stuff all day every day. I chose the latter. If you are looking for an SEO Expert on the Gold Coast or anywhere else in Australia, give me a yell and I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Content is King

Have you heard this phrase before? It refers to the fact that the most effective way to rank a website is to write quality content.

If that is the case, why do t more of us do this? Why do we take content from other sites and either pass it off as our own or ‘spin’ it into something kind of unique?

I’m sure that there are many reasons why but I think the main one is that people don’t want to do the hard yards. They think that by fast forwarding they can ‘game’ the Search Engines into giving them some rankings for their Search terms faster than writing content. Therein also lies an issue. If someone spends their time writing content for a Search Engine then that content isn’t likely to be of the highest of quality.

Another reason I think people don’t write enough content is because they don’t truly believe that it’s really that simple. That a whole bunch of high quality content written about a subject on a constant basis will actually be picked up by the Search Engines and ranked in their results. Well that where this website is designed at its core. Constantly written, high quality content for the user, about subjects to pass on/share knowledge.

So content is king, what next? Well my suggestion is that you sit down and decide what main message or message that you want to convey to the audience. Once you have decided this, group them into topics, make a list of sub topics and get writing.

The key to all of this is that you have to start at some stage. The earlier you start and the more regular you are then the greater likely hood there will be that you will succeed. You are only as good as the content you write so, get writing people and good luck.

Chris Bindley SEO Expert

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What is SEO?

The text book definition is – The process of optimising a website – as well as all the content on that website – so it will appear in prominent positions in the organic results of search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) requires an understanding of how search engines work, what people search for, and why and how people search. Successful SEO makes a site appealing to users and search engines. It is a combination of technical and marketing.

What does that mean in English?

Google is a computer program that has been designed to read your website and then rank it as compared to all of the other websites about the same topic.

The Search Engines (SE) care about one thing only, relevance. If you go to Google and type in ‘red widget’ then Google wants to rank the most relevant website to that phrase. Optimising your website for this is called SEO.

That however is only partially true. I would refer to that process as WSO (Web Site Optimisation) as it refers to all of the elements on the website only.

The thing is that you can have the best shopfront in the world but if it cannot be found as it is up some random side alley with no passers by and there is no advertising for it then you guessed it ‘no traffic’.

SEO for me is the process of getting your website found in Google by getting links, or votes from other websites point to it. In fact one of a Search Engine’s core features is the ability to follow a link, read that website and store it in it’s memory bank.

Why is SEO important?

Imagine if you knew the algorithm that the Search Engines used to decide on the above? How powerful would that be? Well there are those that know this, the true ‘SEO experts’ regularly study the industry and keep on top of the changes from the Search Engines (Google makes roughly 400 each year alone).

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