Top 5 Free SEO Tools

Though it is hard to provide a perfect list of SEO tools, as every SEO tool is different from other and renders specific information that can support you in optimising your website, however, I would like to mention few of my favourite free SEO tools that anyone can use to analyse their websites. These SEO tools will give you reports about things that need to be fixed on your website to rank it better, but they won’t optimise your website, so if you are not very much familiar with the SEO thing, it would be best to hire an SEO expert to optimise your website.


SEOQuake is a Chrome extension that acts as an SEO analysis tool it offers on-page website reports, assessing your website external and internal links and also compares your website with your competitors website site to find out what are the areas that you need improvements this will help you in deciding a perfect SEO strategy to perform better than your rivals. Other specialties of SEOQuake is it dose keyword analysis such as keyword density analysis for targeted keywords on the website, SEOQuake has an easy to read dashboard from where you can also export reports easily on your desktop for further analysis or if you want to send it to your SEO expert.

Fat Rank

Fat Rank is a chrome extension that allows you to track ranking performance for your targeted keywords, you can add keywords for pages that you have optimised for and fat rank will let you know whether you rank for the optimised keywords or not, if your keyword ranks in between 1 to 100, it will show you the position and if your keyword is out of 100. It will give you a message that your website does not rank for the keyword, this detailed information will help you in creating a better keyword strategy for link building or content update on the website.

Answer The Public

If you are worried about what topics you should write on for your website, Answer The Public is the best tool that can help you in finding great topics, it gives you queries and keywords those are related to your niche, you can create a content strategy around your niche for improving overall ranking of your website.


It gives you complete information about your website crucial errors that need to be fixed. Seoptimer not only provide information about errors, but it also gives you a detailed list of recommendation that can be followed to fix these critical issues to improve page rankings. You can easily start analysing your website pages one at a time, you just need to download the chrome extension.


Nibbler is a free online SEO audit tool, quite beneficial if you want to analyse the Meta tags, social interest, the volume of content per page and code quality of a website. Though with the free version of Nibbler you can only generate three reports.

Though these tools can provide complete information to you about your website, but that information is of no use if you cannot utilise it and make the most out of it, if you are not an expert in the field of digital marketing, if this is the case with you, do analyse your website through these tools and if you find critical issues that you want to be fixed, hire US, the best SEO expert Gold coast. We will take good care of your website.