Backlinks are queen

I said in a previous post that content is king. That the most valuable thing that you can go for the user and in turn the Search Engines is to write quality content. This is and has always been the most important thing that you can do because the entire purpose of a website is to impart knowledge. The thing is though, how will a Search Engine find you if you aren’t linked to from another website? A Search Engine as complex as it is, really is just a computer program that is designed to crawl and index links then read the content on that page, store it locally in it’s memory and spit out a result to the user when they search for a topic.

I always give the analogy of a side street that no one knows about with no walk by traffic. If there is no walk by traffic then your website is going to get found. In essence the entire website is a bunch of side streets. Without links to other websites, no website would be visible in fact, this is the whole basis of the internet. Join a whole bunch of computers up with shared resources (information) and hey presto you have the ‘World Wide Web’.

So coming back to backlinks, how is this relevant to SEO? Well, if you don’t have a strategy around building quality links or you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself then you will need to engage an SEO company.

I get most of my work through referral because understanding what SEO is sometimes is challenging but if you understand it, understand also that it is not easy and it takes time. I for example am not handy when it comes to home handy things. Just recently I made a decision to get some help around the house from someone that I knew had the expertise and tools in this area. Now I could have spent the time, learned what to do and bought the tools or, I could employ help that does this stuff all day every day. I chose the latter. If you are looking for an SEO Expert on the Gold Coast or anywhere else in Australia, give me a yell and I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.