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What is SEO?

The text book definition is – The process of optimising a website – as well as all the content on that website – so it will appear in prominent positions in the organic results of search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) requires an understanding of how search engines work, what people search for, and why and how people search. Successful SEO makes a site appealing to users and search engines. It is a combination of technical and marketing.

What does that mean in English?

Google is a computer program that has been designed to read your website and then rank it as compared to all of the other websites about the same topic.

The Search Engines (SE) care about one thing only, relevance. If you go to Google and type in ‘red widget’ then Google wants to rank the most relevant website to that phrase. Optimising your website for this is called SEO.

That however is only partially true. I would refer to that process as WSO (Web Site Optimisation) as it refers to all of the elements on the website only.

The thing is that you can have the best shopfront in the world but if it cannot be found as it is up some random side alley with no passers by and there is no advertising for it then you guessed it ‘no traffic’.

SEO for me is the process of getting your website found in Google by getting links, or votes from other websites point to it. In fact one of a Search Engine’s core features is the ability to follow a link, read that website and store it in it’s memory bank.

Why is SEO important?

Imagine if you knew the algorithm that the Search Engines used to decide on the above? How powerful would that be? Well there are those that know this, the true ‘SEO experts’ regularly study the industry and keep on top of the changes from the Search Engines (Google makes roughly 400 each year alone).

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