Content is King

Have you heard this phrase before? It refers to the fact that the most effective way to rank a website is to write quality content.

If that is the case, why do t more of us do this? Why do we take content from other sites and either pass it off as our own or ‘spin’ it into something kind of unique?

I’m sure that there are many reasons why but I think the main one is that people don’t want to do the hard yards. They think that by fast forwarding they can ‘game’ the Search Engines into giving them some rankings for their Search terms faster than writing content. Therein also lies an issue. If someone spends their time writing content for a Search Engine then that content isn’t likely to be of the highest of quality.

Another reason I think people don’t write enough content is because they don’t truly believe that it’s really that simple. That a whole bunch of high quality content written about a subject on a constant basis will actually be picked up by the Search Engines and ranked in their results. Well that where this website is designed at its core. Constantly written, high quality content for the user, about subjects to pass on/share knowledge.

So content is king, what next? Well my suggestion is that you sit down and decide what main message or message that you want to convey to the audience. Once you have decided this, group them into topics, make a list of sub topics and get writing.

The key to all of this is that you have to start at some stage. The earlier you start and the more regular you are then the greater likely hood there will be that you will succeed. You are only as good as the content you write so, get writing people and good luck.